about Mikael Gosen

“Logic is Magic”

Mikael })i({

“Life is but a step in time
on the eternal road of sublimation”
Mikael Gosen

Strengthened by the experiences (professional and personal) gained in the past, I strive forward for new challenges.
In search of partners to make our world better for ourselves and for all other(s).

Being futuristic in vision and agile in nature.
Currently studying (cloud, cyber, science) and open to new projects.

I used to be a successful CTO developer\architect for over 20 years.
Did take a health break because of Cancer but was fortunate to overcome (thanks so much to science and human endeavor).
Today I am renewing myself upgrading old skills with new ones, as usual, always improving.
So I have spent a lot of time studying and upgrading my knowledge and skills since then, because that is important to me and it makes me happy doing so.
Wishing to share,
ready for the next level\stage,
to support and stimulate new and challenging projects,
to a successful outcome.

Being online and having nothing to hide you can find me easily
and find a real human being in a quest for the better.
Mikael Gosen
Jordan Valley

“All is relative…”

Albert Einstein ( sort of 😉 )